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Hi Jessica,
I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance you gave me in our session yesterday.
You don’t realize the impact that you and others like you are doing to help us in this ascension process. The information and tools we learn here are taken up and used by supreme source to help rid this world of negative entities. My world has brightened up a lot today as a result of using that “tool.” Others in spirit are now using it too!  Everything should go faster now and feel lighter! Also, the rule of three has been invaluable for truth discernment.  I also now have a little more clarity about my husband. I feel I can put a lot of the past behind me and concentrate on the now!
Thanks again for all your help! You are truly helping to make the world a better place!

P.s. you can use this as a testimonial if you want. I just wanted to personally thank you and let you know what a difference this work has the potential to do in our world!
— Susan
Jessica is very professional, easy going and gifted! My session was online and everything went exactly as it should! She explains clearly the process and it was amazing how easy it was to drop into the experience with her guiding voice. If you’ve been thinking about doing this just pull the trigger and DO IT! You will be SO glad you did! I highly recommend Jessica in every way!
— Kenya
Jessica embodies a very gentle, kind and caring spirit. She was extremely patient, thorough and showed a genuine interest in my journey.
— E
I decided pretty early on that I wanted to wait a full month before writing my review. I figured I would be able to see some of the lasting effects of the session after a month.
Because of Jessica’s non-judgmental and nurturing disposition, I was able to easily relax and we were able to get to the bottom of some of the most pressing issues that have been paining me for over 30 years. I not only learned more about what I’ve been trying to work through in this life but also past lives. I’ve been able to heal my strained relationships and let go of the fears of others that I’ve been carrying around as my own for decades.

After my session, I’ve felt lighter, freer and clearer in my thinking. I finally understand the work I should be focused on and have been able to take steps in that direction. My actions now are all inspired actions and not fear based actions. I’m a better manifest[or] where I find things and answers coming to me far quicker than before.

Lastly, what was really great was seeing the future. I’ve known for quite some time that I’m infinite but this gives you a real sense of it. You realize that time isn’t necessarily linear the way we’ve been taught. It was just an amazing experience and I’d like to have another session so I can spend more time exploring the future.

To sum it all up working with Jessica and QHHT is a true gift to yourself that helps you shift dramatically.
— Marilynn
Before we began, she walked me through exactly how the session would work, helping me to set my expectations and intention. She answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns, setting a relaxed and comfortable tone for continuing.

The session itself was AMAZING. Through her expert guidance, I was able to traverse time and space, and as we progressed into conversation with my higher-self, it became perfectly clear that what was shown to me during my regression was directly related to the questions I had in the present.

I left feeling rejuvenated and energized. I realized that what Jess really helped me to do was dig far deeper into the depths of myself in order to find truth, healing and reconciliation with: Myself. Did my soul truly live those past lives that I saw? Maybe - but the truth revealed through them brought to me greater understanding and some beautiful clarity in the present.
— Chris
Jessica is a beautiful soul that made me feel safe and more importantly in very capable hands. My first ever hypnosis experience and it was pretty huge!
— Rayne
I had two QHHT sessions with Jessica. My first session was very revealing in terms of what has been holding me back. I came in thinking I was totally open and ready to receive, when actually, the first session showed me just how much resistance I was carrying around. I saw wonderful scenes of love, safety and regal abundance which were great messages but I couldn’t get out of my head or out of my own way to receive them!

Jessica is very generous and intuitive. We set up another session at the end of the month, just a couple days before the last full moon in January. I went in this time with a different mind set. This time it wasn’t about finding answers to my “problems” which previously set me up to overthink what was being shown to me, this time, I went in with the mentality that I would just be open to whatever was revealed to me.

Jessica prepped me very well. She was so kind and gentle with her suggestions on how to better prepare myself for my second session versus, my approach in my last session, which made a huge difference.

She is so generous! She made some huge adjustments and tailored the session to help me. She’s a great listener and does everything in her means to make you feel completely comfortable and safe.

My second session was truly mind blowing! I time travelled to another planet where so much about the new earth was revealed to me. Afterwards, I felt a huge burden or block lifted from me. I feel light, more patient and open. It is time to leave the old paradigms behind and focus only on the new. I thank you Jessica for your big heart and pure soul. You have helped me more than you know.
— Melissa
I had a wonderful experience doing a QHHT Session with Jessica! Jessica is so intuitive, caring, patient, and does it all from the heart.

I got so much out of the session, it’s hard to know where to even start. In a nutshell, this really gave me a giant leap forward in my journey to optimally align with my highest self and the greatest good.

In the session, there was so much insight and information that I received. What’s even more remarkable is that after the session, my entire week was a series of even more information and clarity regarding the questions I brought with me to the session. Additionally, the entire week has been a series of amazing and inspiring synchronicities! With more on the way :)

Thanks Jessica!!!!!!!
— Ari
I had a truly amazing, life-altering session with Jessica last week - it’s not easy to put it into words and do it justice.

The past life session was breathtaking in a good way - it opened my eyes on so many levels. It was a really vivid, magical experience and I felt completely calm and supported with her guiding me through it.

I can’t emphasize enough how healing and meaningful this experience was for me - I gained a tremendous amount of clarity and perspective, and began to understand these beautiful threads and connections running through my history and the people in my life.

I can’t say that any other therapy session or healing modality has provided such a powerful burst of insight and healing energy in one evening as this practice did.

...In the following days I experienced further opening of my mind and understanding, and I find myself putting into practice some of these lessons I’ve learned and changing my overall mindset as well as my approach to each day. I am so grateful to have this touchstone experience for encountering my Higher Self, and I find that I can access this wisdom and clarity more easily now. Thank you so much, Jessica!
— Sara
My session with Jessica was profound and highly transformative. Jessica is an extremely skilled QHHT practitioner as well as an exceptional human being. She approached delicate situations from my past with the utmost care, honor and respect which I deeply appreciate. Also she consistently asked the perfect questions and guided the flow of the session extremely well to help guide me where I needed to visit most. She displayed true professionalism as well as instant warmth and kindness.
— Aaron
Jessica has a calming presence and is very easy to trust and talk to. Even though I just met her, I felt like I was talking to an old friend and could be really open about myself and my life. She is very sweet, nonjudgmental, and very intuitive. She has a way of guiding you through the process by asking the right questions. The experience overall was very powerful in a subtle way that has been lingering the days after. I got some answers to my questions during the session and also in the days after, either from it coming to me in my own thoughts or things other people have said that really resonated with me...

...Change doesn’t happen overnight, but I felt like I got a few tools and guidance out of this session that will help.
— Cynthia
Jessica was exactly what my Higher Self needed. Even though I was a little edgy, as soon as I walked through the door, I felt completely at ease in Jessica’s company, and knew I was with a kindred spirit. Jessica’s calm, serene and naturally nurturing nature is so easy to be around, it seems impossible to feel anxious around her. Just being in her presence felt good, let alone that she is a wealth of knowledge!

The QHHT session itself was incredible. I received many answers regarding my own journey, which served to ease my mind regarding insecurities and uncertainties...

...I learned so much during my journey. And Jessica’s dialogue ability shined through during the session. The part of me that was conscious and aware immediately thought “she’s not working from a script, that’s incredible! The questions she’s asking are perfect!” If you are thinking about having a session like this, I highly recommend having one with Jessica. You will not be disappointed. I’m grateful to know that if I ever feel like I’m getting off course, and need to get back on track, Jessica is in the world and I can go to see her again. Thank you!!
— Diana
I had been searching for a practitioner for a bit with no success, until I had met Jessica! I was really excited to learn that she was a QHHT practitioner and had a session open for me to attend. If I had not “joined in” as my higher self told me to do, I would’ve completely missed out on this wonderful experience.

My overall experience was supremely awesome. I connected more than I thought I would and it was beautiful. I learned a lot about myself and since she sends you your recording you can keep listening and find out even more about yourself! I really enjoyed this QHHT session and Jessica was just great. I’m truly glad my first session was with her and I highly recommend giving her a try.
— Trianna
I highly recommend a QHHT session with Jessica. This was my first QHHT session & I can honestly say I could not have chosen a better practitioner in the field. Initially, I was a little anxious and wasn’t sure what to expect, but she immediately made me feel comfortable. I felt like I was talking to a close friend I’ve known for years. Overall, this was a truly healing and insightful experience.
— Bree
Jessica was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and helpful. She has a lovely and warm presence and makes you feel comfortable immediately. This was my first QHHT, and she helped me to feel at ease and addressed all my concerns immediately, even without prompt. I really enjoyed my session with her and would recommend her to anyone.
— Samantha C.
I just had my Quantum Healing session with Jessica. Coming into the session, i really had no idea what to expect and was slightly nervous. Jessica made me feel really comfortable right from the moment I walked into her beautiful space in Greenpoint and put my mind at ease. I felt relaxed and comfortable moments after we began talking. She is compassionate and warm and made it very easy for me to speak to...

...Overall, it was a pretty incredible experience to have and I walked away with so much valuable information from my higher self as well as a deep healing taking place.
— Diana L