005 | Avian beings, the New Earth, and this Game of Illusion

In this session, my client does not go into any past lives. Instead, she meets her guide, Zala, who seems to be an Avian being surrounded in a diamond-crystal light. Zala continues to talk about the New Earth, the Central Sun, the game of Illusion we play on Earth, and the importance of being and living in the present. They also speak about the Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017.

Client: "B" (Female)
Me: "J"

B and I immediately hit it off when we first met for her session. Like we were long lost friends! She, like many, have been seeing multiple number sequences on a daily basis. In fact - with divine fruition - it turned out that her and I had the exact same birthdate which include significant numbers that we both see often as well. Her spiritual journey has ramped up in the past couple of years. She had heard of the Blue Avians, but didn't know much about them. Read a snippet of the session, as she connects to her very own Spirit Guide, a "Blue-Diamond-Crystal-Light" being named Zala:

J: What do you see?
B: It’s like a spaceship. It’s round.
J: Let’s connect with that light that was beaming down on you. From this perspective, we can gain a better understanding. What do you feel?
B: It feels like this portal leads me to my real home.
J: What is your real home?
B: I’m not sure. It’s just not home...here, on Earth. Planet Earth.
J: Let’s connect to the being on the other side. Who’s in the ship? What do you see?
B: I’m not sure, it seems blurry.
J: How do you feel? Let’s use all of our senses.
B: Safe. I don’t need to use my words. They know me by my energy.
J: Who are they?
B: They’re really tall beings. Much taller than us humans could ever be. It’s almost as if I can see through them, like a shine to their skin, if you will, like a glow.
J: What do their faces look like?
B: The first thing I see is a beak. Like they have a beak as a mouth. Big eyes. No hair. The ears seem more like an opening in the skin.
J: Are they wearing anything on their bodies? Or do you just see light?
B: I just see light. It’s like a diamond-crystal light color surrounding them. But also I see shades of blue.
J: How many are there in front of you?
B: I see four.
J: What messages do they have to show you or tell you today?
B: I just feel such warmth around them, and unconditional love.
J: Where are they from? Where is home?
B: They say that I know, deep within. It’s encoded in my DNA. I just don’t remember right now.
J: Can we have them help you remember today? We need a little help.
B: They’re showing me planet Earth as a whole. They seem to be connected more at this time. One of them is showing me how they are protecting planet Earth and all sentient beings with this light. And now they’re showing me the sun. Light is coming from the sun. That’s where they come from. The Central Sun.
J: Is it the Central Sun or our Earth sun?
B: Central Sun.

J: Is there a difference?
B: I’m not sure. I keep on hearing the words “star system”. I’m not sure what that means.

J: What else do they have to say about planet Earth and the sun?
B: I keep on seeing a pyramid. It’s black.
J: What significance does this black pyramid have?
B: I don’t know...but I keep hearing the words “Above, Below. Above, Below.”
J: Let’s ask them to clarify.
B: They’re showing me a light above me, and I seem to be merging with this light in my physical form.
J: What color is the light?
B: A diamond-crystal light. The same color that they seem to have on them and around them.
J: What happens when we merge with this light?
B: ‘It’s a process’, they say. An awakening. Dormant DNA - or “Junk DNA” - as some people would say. I see one of them putting his or her finger, if you will, on my third eye. It allows me to tap into everything that ever was and is. I see them placing me inside a sphere - it looks like a sphere. It’s supposed to be helping with the process.
J: Can they speak a little bit more about the ascension process?
B: They’re showing me that everyone - everyone - all of humanity is going through this. Some are just conscious about it and some are not.
J: And does everyone go to the New Earth. Does everyone ascend?
B: It’s a choice.
J: And what if they choose not to?
B: They get to stay. And continue to play the game of illusion.
J: Where is humanity in the process of ascension?
B: Still some work needs to be done. They’re not the only ones though - the beings talking to you about...there’s others.
J: Who else is there?
B: Many other star beings...helping with this transition.
J: When will the transition be done?
B: They can’t say. They don’t understand our linear language...our linear way of doing things.
J: Will it happen in this lifetime? Or will we have to come back?
B: We’ve already made the choice prior to this physical incarnation. Some will choose to come back. And some will embrace this New Earth, if you will, this higher dimension.
J: Can they speak more of the New Earth? What should we expect? Is it a physical place?
B: I see myself surrounded by other people. Different complexions of skin, different nationalities, both genders. Everyone is just holding hands. No one is seeing anyone differently from himself or herself. It’s like we’re all just one. And time does not exist there. Everything is just always now. I feel myself easily tapping into the emotions of others, and they can tap into mine too. No need to use words. The colors seem so much brighter - unlike anything we’ve seen here. The water is clean, the skies above are clean. Everything seems so perfect.
J: What do we do as a society? Do we work or have jobs?
B: Everyone has a role to play, no matter how small or big it seems. It’s like we’re a community.
J: What dimension is this in? Is this in the 3rd dimension?
B: No. There’s no limits to how many dimensions we can access, but it seems like this is 5th dimension or beyond. They’re saying something about ‘you access the dimension you are ready for’.
J: So some people understand that to get to this dimension, or to ascend, the planet needs to go through some detoxing. Do they have something to say about this?
B: This is all separation consciousness. It’s about surrendering and being childlike again. Just be childlike. Either way - whether you fight it or not - you’re still going to end up where you’re meant to be. ‘Enjoy the ride’ - those are the words I hear.
J: Is there anything we need to be doing in our physical bodies to help with our own ascension process?
B: Water. I keep on hearing water. It helps us connect more to the energies, the frequencies that we’re receiving.
J: How much water should we be drinking?
B: Enough. Enough water each day.
J: Is there anything else?
B: Grounding. Connect to nature.

Parting message:

These are exciting times for many. It’s a new era of Light. Surrender, be childlike again. Be present in the now moment, and all else will fall into place.

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