004 | Message of Love from Source Energy

In this session, the client does not go into any past lives, but instead goes immediately to the white light of Source energy. Here, Source talks briefly about energy, healing, and the importance of love and connection to Source.

Client: "M" (Female)
Me: "J"

M came to me with prior information she had received with belief that she was a part of the second wave of volunteers (as described in Dolores Cannon’s book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth). The second wave of volunteers (now in their 30s and early 40s), according to Dolores’ work, are those who are “antennas, generators” for the push into the New Earth and Earth’s ascension process. They were sent here to generate positive energy in order to affect everyone else around them. Their purpose is usually “just to be” - because they are the type of people that can walk into a crowded mall and affect everyone there with their energy of just being. They do not do this consciously and often do not realize they are doing this or affecting the people around them. M has also recently learned Reiki and has been working with Universal life force energy to help herself and her close family members.


M came off the cloud seeing only bright white light. She felt peace, and not much else. I tried having her use all her senses to navigate around this bright white light but not much happened. I tried moving her ahead to another time and place, but she continued to stay in this bright white light. She was obviously meant to be in this place for some reason.

J: Use your energy to connect with the energy of this bright white light. Ask it, why am I here? What do you have to show me?
M: (She giggled) Because I asked to see it.
J: Ask it, where am I?
M: I know! It’s Source light.
J: What are you doing there in Source light?
M: Just be. It feels like I just needed to be in the light.
J: How does this Source light pertain to your life right now (as M)? What knowledge do you need from it?
M: I’m seeing it because I asked to see it. And because I have been working with it, through healing myself (and through Reiki).

M then finally started seeing something else besides the bright white light - she started to see other different colors enter the picture.

M: Different colors started to come in. Pinkish-reddish-purples, bright yellows. They’re just swirling around.
J: What’s the purpose of these colors?
M: Energy. Beauty. Contrast to the white light.
J: Is this good or bad (the contrast)?
M: It doesn’t feel different (it’s indifferent).
J: So what’s the purpose of the contrast to the white light?
M: Variation. Healing. The colors are part of the white light. It’s all part of Source.
J: How can we use these colors and the white light in our daily lives?
M: Just imagine them. Take them in.
J: Is it better to work with white light or with the separate colors?
M: It’s all the same.
J: Why is this being shown to M? What is the message?
M: Love. Love is all around.
J: What else is being shown to you?
M: That I needed to be here again, to restore.
J: Can you expand on the importance of colors?
M: Energy.

It was clear that I wasn’t getting much of anywhere speaking with M in the bright white light of Source. She was there for healing and peace and would have stayed there for as long as she could without bother. Her answers were short with long pauses in between. Her Higher Self brought her there because she needed the healing and restoration.

It was here that I tried moving her to another time and place, to see if her Higher Self wanted to show her any relevant past lives that she needed to see. Instead, M didn’t go much further from that bright white light. It was still there, but she was being shown the color pinkish-reddish, which represented “strength and passion” for her relevant life. Then, she went straight back to the white light of Source.

So now it was definitely clear that what she really needed out of this session was the healing, restorative energy of Source and her connection to it.

The conversation naturally flowed so that the energy of Source came through, while M continued basking in the white light.

J: Is M receiving any healing light in her time here? (Yes). Do we need to address any of her health issues or is she being taken care of right now?
M: She’s great.
J: Is her DNA changing?
M: Always. To keep up with the vibrations.
J: Is it important for our DNA to change?
M: Yes, we are ascending. We are becoming higher beings closer to the Source light.
J: How far along are we on the ascension process?
M: It is currently a very fast transition.
J: Will it happen in our lifetime?
M: The light is being shown to those who ask for it.
J: Why are you showing her so much strength in this lifetime?
M: It’s her last...it’s her last life on Earth. She’s had a lot of darkness in her past lives. This is the life to heal.
J: Is she meant to see any of her past lives today?
M: They’re not important
J: So what is she meant to accomplish in this last life here on Earth? What is her purpose?
M: To heal and spread the light. She does it, (by) just being.
J: What is the purpose of healers at this time?
M: To bring the light from Source. Connecting and sharing.
J: Can you give advice to healers and how to restore after working with clients?
M: Connect to the white light of Source. Trust that Source light is stronger than anything else. See [the light], feel it.

This energy went on to answer M’s personal questions, with the strongest lesson being “self-trust” and “trust” repeated over and over.

J: Where is M’s home?
M: Source.
J: When you say this is M’s last life here on Earth, where does she go to next?
M: Source.
J: Can you talk a little bit about the Earth’s changes that are happening, and the ascension process?
M: The energies are shifting. [The upcoming Solar Eclipse] is to weed out unwanted energy.
J: How should we prepare?
M: Connect to Source. Increase love. Love has been lost.
J: Why is there so much turmoil in the world today?
M: [There is a] disconnect from Source, from love. Those who seek the light will ascend.
J: What happens once we ascend?
M: We are where we are meant to be. It will be a different dimension. A different holographic experience.
J: And will this happen in our lifetime?
M: Yes, it’s happening.
J: How will we know when we’re there?
M: You can feel it.
J: Are there any other major upcoming energy shifts in the upcoming months?
M: New years. It’s the culmination [of the] ascension process.
J: Is there something to fear? (i.e. polar shifts)
M: Only if you’re not connected. You are safe as long as you are connected [it doesn’t matter where you are]. We are always protected by Source, as long as we are connected. [Connect] through love, and self-love.
J: Do you have something to say about self-love and self-trust? There are many who struggle with this.
M: They are the biggest lessons to learn. Once self-love is achieved, it is the beginning of love from Source.

Parting message for everyone:

Love more and connect to Source.

The part about this session that stood out to me the most was when M was shown the different colors breaking away from the white light in "contrast" to it. We are told that contrast in our lives are difficult, but it is all about perspective. We are fragments of Source, just as colors are fragments of white light and Source. Colors contain their own experience and yet are the same as the white light. Another message of our connection to each other and to Source energy.

It was only when this session was over that both M and I really felt how far under we both were and how connected we were to the high the frequencies/vibrations in the room. In our talk after the session, both our heads (and my third eye) were throbbing, and I could actually see M's energetic aura around her - a bright white light surrounding her body - especially around her higher chakras, with the thickest and brightest white light closest to her body, about 2-3 inches thick. I was so excited to get this glimpse into the etheric realm! (Little did I know, this was the start of my ability to see auras.)

Even though the messages coming from Source were brief, I feel this session's main purpose was to take the time to bask in the healing energies of the white light of Source - for both of us!

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