003 | Jesus, Twin Flames, Spiritual Nutrition and Fear

In this session, my client connects to past lives that mimic her current life to solidify the importance of family, nutrition, celebration, fun and freedom. Christ consciousness Jesus comes through with the Higher Self to speak about twin flames, spiritual nutrition, fear, and the divine feminine.

Client: "S" (Female)
Me: "J"

S is a highly intuitive individual who works as a spiritual Life Coach, Nutritionist, and Oracle card reader. She has the ability to feel and connect with energies around her and her ability to see into the veil/ether is growing stronger. In our pre-talk, S told me that she has a unique connection with Kurt Cobain. Being born in 1991, S did not grow up listening to Kurt Cobain or Nirvana, but one day when she was older she saw a documentary and she immediately connected strongly with him in an unexplained way. She also has a connection to Jesus and Mary Magdalene and feels their energy as her guides.

In S’s first life, she immediately saw the pyramids in Egypt. She was a female with very long black hair and blue eyes. This was a life of ease, family, food and celebration. When we moved forward to an important day, S found herself celebrating with friends and family, surrounding a tree, dancing - the tree and celebration symbolized life, rebirth, and togetherness. Other important days in this lifetime were also filled with family, celebration, and food. Her death comes at an old age after a long life. We also find out S’s connection to Kurt Cobain in this past life. She sees him as her little brother, a boy who is quiet and shy.

Lessons: Family, peace, prosperity, she never had to worry in this life, the importance of family, gifts and enjoying company. This is also the life in which she has a relationship to food that connects to her current life. Her current work combines a mix of spirituality and nutrition, helping clients find their best diet and what works with their bodies. In this past life in Egypt, she celebrated with food that included lots of fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and just a little meat, much like her current life diet.

Purpose: Power of knowing yourself, and enjoying life

S sees herself as a female living in California in the 1990s. She spends most of her time at the beach, and surfing the waves. She lives a simple, but satisfying life. She has a very strong connection to the ocean and often visits the beach to meditate and feel connected. When we explore her connection to the ocean, she finds herself in a past life as a mermaid.

We continue to explore this life as a mermaid. She enjoys collecting things she finds in the ocean, and she has a strong connection to the sea creatures, especially a dolphin. This dolphin (who she connects as her current partner in this life) is her best friend and they explore the ocean together. This life is another simple and satisfying life, and her main desire is to explore far distances, be free, and have fun. She has a father who is concerned and strict about her ability to be free - although he loves her very much - he does not want her to explore as much as she wants to.

Lessons: Freedom, exploration, challenges with father in current lifetime is addressed

Purpose: Be free, love, and play

After S was shown her past lives, I connected to her Higher Self.

J: Why did you show her the first lifetime as a woman living in Egypt?
S: The importance of family. And her connection to family in this lifetime. She needed to be aware of the same connections in this lifetime too.
J: She had a younger brother in that lifetime that she things is Kurt (Cobain). What is her connection to him?
S: Yes, (he) was her brother. There is strong love there. There is a strong soul connection. They are of the same origin. The same fractal of Source.
S: She also had to be made aware of that lifetime and her dietary influences that influence her now. In two ways: the way she ate there is the best way she should be eating now. And also be aware of the fact that people’s other incarnations influence their current dietary habits...She should focus on the fruits and the nuts and seeds - and she does do that.
J: So, with people with food allergies in this lifetime, is it because of something in a past lifetime?
S: It could be related, yes. Depending upon the differences in cultures. So if their other lifetimes are so far off from their current incarnation, there’s a dissonance.
J: What can they do to bridge that gap?
S: They could be made aware of what is going on. And also, to surrender, because the Higher Self always has their best interest at heart. And if they surrender to their current way of being, then their Higher Self is always going to guide them to their highest path and what they should be eating.
J: Can you explain the second life you showed her as the woman who surfed and lived near the beach in California? Why was this shown?
S: Because this could play out in this lifetime.
J: Was this a parallel life?
S: Yes, and her and [her friend, who was also shown in that lifetime] are picking up on this now because they are talking about moving to California.
J: Should she move to California?
S: She could. The sunshine would be beneficial to her.
J: What else was important about this lifetime?
S: The freedom. She had a sense of freedom there. She wasn’t so heavily influenced by outside influences. There was no stress from family that she experiences now.
J: She also connected to the ocean and a past life of being a mermaid. Why was this shown to her?
S: Because she wanted to see this. She felt so strongly connected to mermaids. And [her partner] feels like he was a dolphin in a past life, and he was.
J: So her intuition is spot on?
S: Yes, and his [her partner] in a sense.
J: Can you explain what is a twin flame?
S: Two halves of a whole, but also innately whole on their own.
J: Is this the person you are meant to be with in a lifetime?
S: It could be or it could not be, depending on the connection that is there and the purpose of the connection.
J: Do twin flames have the same higher self?
S: From the higher perspective, yes. But on the highest perspective, we are all one, so in a sense, we are all twin flames and it is just the degree of what you are experiencing. It’s almost like a cylinder, and the top is Source. The bottom layer is the human perspective, or that fractal (of Source), and as you go up, you are meeting more and more of these different connections. But on the highest level it is all one. (see below image of what S saw in her vision when talking about these twin flame fractals).
J: Will a person always meet their twin flame in a lifetime?
S: No. Because it has to do with the intentions of the lifetime, and pre-birth intentions on whether you make the intention to meet them in this lifetime. We all have other connections on the other side that we may not be consciously aware of in this lifetime. So ultimately it’s all about what is going to best serve this lifetime and what each person is here to experience.
J: So for example, S has a strong connection with Kurt Cobain. Are they in the same Soul group?
S: Yes. He guides her and has integrated his energy. He helps with creativity. He comes to her in music and songs. He loves her.
J: So people in the same Soul group do not have to meet in a lifetime?
S: Yes [Correct].
J: She also has a connection to Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Can you offer insight to this connection?
S: They are almost like, parent figures. Soul mother and father.
J: Have they had a past life together?
S: Yes. Jesus was her Uncle and her mother died in childbirth. Mary Magdalene was there to help raise her. She was close to Jesus’ daughter, Sarah. She had short, black hair and they would always be together like sisters. She was with them his whole life, before the crucifixion.
J: What is her connection to them now?
S: Guides. They are her guides, Jesus more so. He says she is a child of God.
J: Is there a way to connect to Jesus?
S: He’s here. He’s been watching this whole time. He says he loves S. And he is always with her, and she knows that. He says to feel her heart whenever she feels lost or down, and she can raise herself up even more than she can do now. By being conscious and feeling her heartbeat and not settling for just being okay when she feels down, but growing that love within her heart, expanding that outward more and more. She has so much to share and love can only grow and expand.
J: Can anybody connect to Jesus?
S: Yes. Just ask. And he’s there. He has a special connection with Earth at this time, with the ascension process. He is infusing love onto the planet. Unconditional love, God’s love.

At this time, I knew that the Christ Consciousness energy was coming in strong, so I asked if we could bring that in.

J: Can we bring forward the energy of Jesus today? (Yes.) May I speak with Jesus? (Yes.) Jesus, what do you have to say about the ascension process of the Earth today?
S: I love you. I am available to anybody at all times. Anybody who calls on me, I am there. I come to people in different ways, so some will see me, some will not. Some will hear me, but you can connect with me just through your heart, because I am love. Don’t worry so much. Don’t worry about how you are doing things or if you are doing things the right way. Do all in love.
J: As healers, how can we connect to you during our practice?
S: You can call me in at anytime. I live in your heart, so I am always there with you. I am with you always.
J: What can we do to help the Earth ascend?
S: We can send love to the Earth. That’s important for people to do. Just through conscious intention and focused intention, we can infuse loving energy into mother Earth because she’s here for us unconditionally, and it’s important to give her that love. Humans tend to take and take and take and they are not fully aware of their actions. Mother Earth doesn’t care in a sense because she loves us anyway. But it’s important for lightworkers or for people who are aware to just make that a part of their routine - sending love to the Earth, healing, and all different colors to the Earth’s grid.
J: I think a lot of people are scared at this time with so many things happening in the world. Is there something to be afraid of?
S: There is nothing to fear. Everything that happens, is essentially your own projection. If you fear something, you’ll find something to fear - and you’ll create that. But if you step into your own empowerment, and you know that it’s all love and you know that there is nothing to fear, you know that that’s the truth. There’s nothing to fear. Do all with love. There’s a lot of people that get stuck in that state of fear, and the best thing to do is just be present for them and to honor them and to love them and to be there for them.
J: Are there any Earth changes that we should be expecting?
S: Everything changes from within. There may be weather changes that correspond, or external changes that correspond, but that’s really just the reflection from the inside. As within, so without. The external is going to change as humanity continues to ascend, but it’s nothing to fear. It’s nothing to be afraid of. Just go with the flow of whatever these changes are.
J: Will we ascend to the new Earth in this lifetime?
S: The new Earth is here. There is nowhere that you’re going that is outside of you. The ascension is about inner work and inner healing and everybody collectively creating that New Earth as we perceive it. It’s all here. It’s all available to you now.
J: Even with all the chaos happening in this world?
S: Yes. You can see from the higher perspective that all is well. Nothing is happening that is out of order. And a lot has to be purged, and that is reflected within chaos. So it’s important to continue to do your work, continue to heal and love yourself and love others and your neighbors. And to not be bogged down in the chaos, but to understand it. Because nothing can happen that is not perfect.
J: How can we heal ourselves?
S: Inner child work, and acceptance. Acceptance of what is, acceptance of the now. Not resisting who you are. Accepting who you are and everything that you embody, and allowing yourself to be as you are. This will further your growth and further your journey. The more that you do this work, the more that you will be able to embody light and to hold these newer frequencies of light within your being, and of love. And you will shine so brightly with this light, and that is how you will heal the planet and that is how you will heal others as well.
J: How do we harness our spiritual gifts and abilities?
S: The more that you hold light frequencies within you the more that these gifts will come alive. You cannot force anything. You are perfect as you are. There is nothing to change.
J: Is there something she needs to know in regards to her business and how to better assist her clients?
S: Come from love. Everything that she needs to receive, to assist, is in the vibration of love, so if she is in that state of love, whatever comes through her, she can trust. She will receive the best guidance in that state.
J: Is there something she needs to know in regards to the spiritual connection to nutrition?
S: There’s a sense of karma in terms of client’s aligning with their best diet. Everyone is very unique and individual. She can help assist them to align with their own unique, best way of eating. And that is different from person to person...but to help them do it on their own. Teach them how to trust their own intuition because people come to her because they trust her guidance. But she needs to help them to trust on their own in terms of nutrition. She has done a lot of work in understanding that connection to food and spirituality. She has this intuitive sense about it and she needs to start teaching that to people, rather than just teaching them what to eat and why to eat it - helping them get in touch with their own intuition in regards to nutrition and spirituality.
J: She has a connection to the goddess realm. Do you have something to say about this?
S: Her higher self is a goddess aspect. She came to embody her own goddess self and the divine feminine. But to create that balance on the planet...there’s this misconception of the rise of the divine feminine which is true, but this does not mean that you negate the divine masculine. Each empower each other, and they work together side by side. The divine masculine protects the divine feminine and allows her to be as she is. And the divine feminine nurtures the divine masculine and encourages him so that he is even more powerful and feels great about himself. This is the pure alignment of duality, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. The sense of feminism on the planet at this time - there needs to be healing in that movement. S can show that because she embodies the pure divine feminine and she does not resist the divine masculine. She just is who she is. And a lot of people within this feminist movement, they want to put down the divine masculine but that is not the way of healing. S helps to bring more of a balance to both, and she infuses the situation with love.
J: How can the average person embrace the divine feminine?
S: Be yourself. Don’t worry about what anyone else tells you you should be. Be yourself. Get in touch with yourself, whatever that means to you. Don’t worry about the standards of society, or how society says you should act, or all these different, made-up rules and made-up standards about anything in society. Just be yourself and have the courage to stand in that. No matter what that is, no matter what you like to do, how you like to act, or how you like to be, just be yourself - because that’s who you really are.

Parting message:

Do all with love. S is a beautiful being and she is doing what she came here to do. This is for everybody: When you feel confused or feel stuck, when you wonder why you are here or if this is all worth it, when you get caught in those lower frequencies and densities, and when you become aware of how hard it is to have a body - in those moments, remind yourself of how special you are and what a special time it is on this planet at this time. You wanted to be here and your Higher Self wants you to be here...and you love being here in truth. You may just not always feel that, but you always have access to that state. So in those times, just center yourself and breathe. Breathe in mother nature, because you are having this experience with the Earth, with Mother Earth as a being. If you were not here, you wouldn’t be able to access her and her love, and that is special in and of itself. Spend time in nature and realize the real beauty of it all - of being here. Because when you are done with this experience, you are going to have even more of an awareness of how special it was for you to have this lifetime here at this time specifically and in general, because Earth is quite a special place. And yes there is duality at time, and we experience duality throughout our lifetimes and the people that we meet, and it’s easy to get down when we come in contact with people who are negative or who we perceive to be negative - but just know that they are serving a purpose too. And you can still love them. Many people are wounded, so just hold them in your heart, and hold compassion for them at the end of the day. Allow all to be transmuted with love. And just know that you are perfect as you are. Everything is occurring at divine perfect timing. There is nothing to fear, there is nothing to change, there is nothing to rush. Everything is being exposed to you at perfect timing and it is all unfolding perfectly.

What a treat this session was. Prior to this session, I had been having small snippets of Higher Consciousness / beings come through my clients. So, I made the intention of asking my "team" to bring a "form" of Higher Consciousness through an upcoming session (not just the higher self, but I was intending for an Ascended Master, Angel, Dolores Cannon, etc. - I'd be open to anyone!) - Ask as you shall receive! My sessions are constantly evolving and I look forward to what surprises await.

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