002 | Trauma and Depression, A Coming Prophet + Archangel Uriel

Client: "L" (Female)
Me: "J"

L is a young woman in her mid 20s who suffers from depression and anxiety. It started from a very early age, as she experienced a traumatic event at the age of 7 or 8. She has no memories from before the event. She has only started her spiritual journey over the last year or so, and came to me to learn more. One of her questions was, "Why do I feel like I don't belong here?" She is a very lively and sweet woman, but the depression and anxiety creep in from time to time. I could tell that she had a lot of healing work to do, because the traumatic event was not something she was ready to talk about just yet.

During our session, L did not go to any past lives. Instead, her Higher Self seemed to want to show her how protected, safe, and loved she was. It seemed that this is what she most needed from her session. Remember, your Higher Self will show you what you need to know and are ready for at this moment in time, not necessarily what you want to know.

L's journey started in the beautiful place during the induction. She saw herself on top of a beautiful mountain at night. She was amazed at the stars and how they went on forever past all the other mountain tops. She saw a cabin near her and when she went inside, she felt so safe and protected. When she looked out the window, she was again so in awe of the stars. She was being called to them. She was floating up towards the stars and saw that her body was not a human body, but a grey extraterrestrial body, with long arms and legs and no clothing. She had 3 fingers and no toes, large eyes, slits where there would be ears, and a wide mouth that stretches to her cheeks. She stated that she did not need a nose, but instead, she felt everything. She did not need to smell. She did not eat, but received her nourishment by absorbing energy, by feeling.

She found herself floating amongst space dust and stars. In the midst of the stars and space dust, she saw the color pink.

L: I see pink. It’s the stardust. It’s a dark pink. It’s getting brighter, and denser. It’s getting thicker. It feels like I need to walk through it.
J: Let’s go through it then. Tell me what you see.
L: Yellow. A yellow speck. It just gets bigger and bigger. It mixes with the pink. I’m in it, it’s all around me. I feel safe, warm. I feel...tight. Like wrapped up. It’s wrapping around me. It feels like it’s getting smaller around me, and I’m crouching down. I’m in fetal position, and I’m still in the light. I think I’m in a womb. It feels like a womb, or a cocoon.
J: What happens next?
L: I curl up. I feel so safe. Protected.

It seemed like she was in a womb, which could take some time. So I moved her forward to what happens next.

J: Let’s stay in the safe, protected womb for just a moment and feel the protection of it. Now, I want you to move forward, what happens after this womb?
L: Green. The green color is dancing, like a leaf in the wind. And the sun is either setting or rising. I’m outside.
J: How do you feel?
L: New.
J: Do you see yourself as having a body?
L: Yes. I have 5 toes. I have human feet. Barefoot. I have human hands. I’m wearing a dress, it goes down past my feet and it trails on the grass. It’s almost like a very pale pink, almost white color dress. I have a belt around my waist, to hold it together.
J: What does your face look like?
L: It looks as I do now. It’s me. My hair is long and wild.
J: Let’s look around you. What’s around you?
L: A field. There’s a tree, on the right, but an open field. The grass and flowers and past this open field is the sun, hiding behind these hills. And I think the sun is rising. It only gets brighter.
J: How do you feel?
L: I feel...at home. Like this is where I should be. I feel like I belong here.

I moved her forward to an important day or scene in that same place. She found herself outside of a big stone temple, and through the doors, she could see candles lit everywhere. She had the urge to go inside. Here, her Higher Self reveals to her what seems to be an Akashic Records of some kind - of hers and of the worlds. She also goes on a beautiful journey of self-love, and what seems like a meeting between her and the Angels, Michael and Uriel.

L: There’s steps, small steps, about 3. Up into the doorway. Down a hall. Into a wide, open space. There’s carvings, writings on the walls. They’re like pictures. I can’t read them. But I feel like I know what it’s saying.
J: What is it saying?
L: It’s the history of the world. The beginning of the Earth and how it was created. I read down and across the walls.
J: Can you share some of that with me?
L: There’s a disk, fire, hieroglyphics. There’s a story that this fire is illuminating. It’s about a person. Someone who is so in tune, it’s like they are a savior. Like Jesus...but not. This person is someone else. This feels like before Jesus. This person is a prophet. It’s a picture (carving) of this prophet. It’s a man, tall, dressed in robes. He’s not here yet, but he’s coming. He’s coming to save everyone. There’s more...I wish I could read it. It’s hieroglyphics. Starting from the top, and you read them down.
J: It was shown to you for a reason. Look deep inside to see if you can understand what it says.
L: I’m still learning. I’m a student. I don’t fully grasp the enormity beyond this prophet, but I feel...I feel like I’m not ready to read it yet. As though I wouldn’t understand it...but I will. I will read it.
J: When you’re ready?
L: Yes.
J: What do you do next?
L: I turn around. There’s someone here inside this temple. It’s a man. White robes, brown belt, dark hair.
J: Do you feel like you know this man?
L: He knows me. He’s lifting his hand. He wants me to put my hand in his hand. Michael. The name Michael.
J: What does Michael say or do?
L: He says my name. He’s just holding my hand. I feel something...energy or warmth coming from his hand into my hand. He says, ‘You are safe. You are safe. It’s protection, security, warmth.'
J: Can you ask Michael if he is one of your spirit guides or angels?
L: He’s smiling. He looks proud. He is. He’s important in my life. He’s guiding me. He’s never let me go. And I’ve always been under his protection.
J: Is he still holding your hand?
L: Yeah. And I don’t want to let go. His hand, is on my cheek, and he’s holding my head. He says, ‘Take this’. It’s just warmth. It’s just warm. I feel it penetrating everything. It’s yellow. It’s yellow inside, and all around me. It feels peaceful. It feels like something I was missing, and I have it. It's very relaxing.
J: What does Michael do next?
L: He’s leading me somewhere. Out of the temple, down the stairs. I see trees in the distance. The sun is getting higher in the sky. He says, ‘Come here for peace’.
J: Ask him, How can you do this?
L: Through meditation, through my mind. I just have to think it, and I’m there. I can’t let anything block me from this place. The sky is blue. So blue. Small clouds moving slowly. It’s a quiet, lazy day.
J: What do you do next?
L: I don’t want to leave. It’s beautiful, peaceful. I just want to stay here. There’s someone else here now. It’s a she. She has long, blonde hair, and she’s wearing brown. Ur- I want to say ‘Uriel’.
J: Can you ask Uriel if she is one of your spirit guides?
L: She says yes. She’s gesturing. To the entire space. She says, ‘This is mine. This is mine, to come to, whenever I need it.’ She’s grab hold of my hand and we’re just walking.
J: Where is she taking you?
L: Down. Towards a stream. There is clear, moving water. It sparkles in the sunlight. She wants me to get in the stream. It’s cool, cool water. I’m sitting in the middle of the stream. Uriel is in front of me. She dips my head back. She tells me to relax. And let the stream wash over me. Let it heal me, let it clean me. She’s washing my hair, running the water through my hair. It feels refreshing. She says, ‘You have all you need. Never doubt it.’
J: Can she offer you some advice in terms of healing? Healing from your past trauma, depression and anxiety?
L: She says, ‘Come to the stream, when you feel overwhelmed. Let it wash over you, and watch it all float away down the stream. Never to see it again. The answers are here.’
J: What do you do next?
L: She’s lifting me out of the water. Now, we are walking along the stream. She doesn’t say anything. She just holds me, as we walk. She’s giving me, she’s passing on this energy. She wants me to have this energy, it will help guide me. It’s white. It’s her energy. I can call upon this energy anytime.
J: How do you feel?
L: I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders. And I have someone. I am not alone, and I am never alone. Now, she brings me to a rock, and I sit on this rock. I just breathe, breathe in the air and feel the water drying on my skin. I feel the wind blowing in my hair. The wind is coming from the right side, blowing through me to the left. It feels like a caress. Uriel says she’s never gone. Even when she’s gone, she’s never gone. She’s always here. She sees everything.
J: What do you have to say to Uriel?
L: I’m...speechless. Just being in her presence, in her warm presence. It’s beautiful. She says, ‘Your journey has only just begun. Stop doubting yourself. You have all the answers and trust your instincts. If you feel as though something isn’t right, if you feel something is missing, that’s because it is...and never stop looking. There is so much out there. You’ve only scratched the surface. You cannot feel empty, because the whole world is inside of you. All you have to do is open your heart and your mind - and feel - and you’ll know.’

It is here that I ask to bring forth Uriel. It seems that Uriel plays an important role in L's spirit guide team. So instead of calling on the Higher Self, because L is already connected to Uriel, I call her forth.

J: Are you her main Angel?
L: Yes
J: What have you helped her with exactly?
L: I’ve helped keep her alive. I’ve stopped her, even when she didn’t realize that I’ve stopped her. She’s important...to me. She has so much to learn. She feels so much.
J: Does this have something to do with the first life we saw as the grey being floating up to the stars, feeling everything?
L: She’s everything. She feels everything.
J: Is that a good thing or bad thing?
L: It’s good, but it’s bad. Only when she lets it be bad. Just be good. Just think good.
J: She struggles with depression and anxiety. What can you tell her about this? How can she help herself?
L: Remember your purpose.
J: What is her purpose?
L: To guide. To guide everyone. She’s here to help. She just doesn’t realize it.
J: In what way can she help?
L: Just be...good. Radiate that goodness. Stay above it. Lead by example, and they will follow.
J: When she begins to feel the depression and anxiety, what should she do?
L: Meditate. Know that she can control it. She controls how much negative energy affects her. She’s above it all. She’s doing good work. She will do good work.

In regards to L's traumatic experience when she was 7 or 8, Uriel suggested she need to open up and revisit to start the healing process over. She needed to re-live the trauma and aftermath, feel the pain and work through it. It wasn't going to be easy. But because the situation is much more complicated, now would not be the time for healing. Now would overwhelm her, and Uriel did not want to overwhelm L. But she would need to take baby steps towards healing this part of her life in the near future, when she felt ready to.

L used to take medication for her depression and anxiety, but had since stopped. However, she did have a question about it and if she should start taking it again.

J: What do you think of medication? Should she continue with her medication or stop it?
L: There’s no need. Just learn to balance, control the energy coming through her. She needs techniques.
J: Can you suggest any techniques?
L: Yoga. Tell her to meditate, and yoga. She will feel better. She will be better, she will learn to control it. She doesn’t need medication.
J: Why does she feel like she doesn’t belong here? No past lives were shown to her today - has she had any?
L: She’s had past lives, but not many. She misses the way it was before.
J: Before she started her lives here on Earth?
L: Yes. She’ll get accustomed to the work. She will learn. She’ll love this place. She only needs to try.
J: So who was that in the first life as a grey being (floating amongst the stars)?
L: It’s her. It’s her before. Before Earth, before life. It’s where she came from.
J: Is that who she would return to?
L: Yes. But she will be sent back.

Uriel goes on to talk a little bit about the New Earth, and that L will be sent back in the future because there is much work to do. She doesn't disclose too much, but in time, L will be ready for more information.

J: She will be sent back here to Earth?
L: Yes. Because past this life, there is still more work to be done. There is change coming. And she needs to be here for it.
J: What kind of changes?
L: The world. Everything. Everything will not be the same.
J: Can you explain?
L: No. Not yet.
J: Does this have something to do with the new Earth?
L: Yes. She’s not ready. She will be.
J: She saw hieroglyphics and images written on a wall concerning the beginning of the world, as well as prophet. Can you tell her more about this? Is this something she needs to know?
L: This prophet, is coming back.

J: Will it be in her lifetime?
L: Yes. She will be...older. She will be ready. And he will come, and she should follow him.

J: Who is this prophet?
L: He has no name that I can give you, that you would understand.
J: Would he come in physical form as a human?
L: Yes.
J: Is there anything else she needs to know about these images/hieroglyphics written on the wall?
L: She will learn them. She does not need to rush it. It will come to her. When she’s ready.
J: She wanted to know, how can she learn to love herself?
L: She is...an extraordinary creation. She only needs to feel that. Feel how connected she is to the world, the Earth, and that love will come naturally.
J: So is that why she feels sad all the time?
L: She’s not connected.
J: Exactly. So when she feels more connected, she will learn to love herself?
L: She’ll be more grounded. And she’ll love herself, and she’ll love others.

Parting message:

You are not alone. Even when it feels like it. I am always there. Just come back to me. When you feel overwhelmed, let me take care of it. Look ahead, not backwards.

The very next day after this session, I was listening to my favorite podcast, Sri and Kira Radio, and Sri was talking about depression, from a psychological standpoint, which made me understand my session a bit better when Uriel said "she's not connected" in regards to her depression. Here is the transcript of what Sri said:

When we disconnect, there is often a vital healing experience that is waiting for resolution. That vital healing experience involves bringing our emotional passion to expression...

When we are younger, we cannot process what happens during a trauma. Feelings/emotions/energies are too powerful to understand as a younger person. Our neurological wiring cannot handle or process it, it is too overwhelming...

When we are older and more matured, we can go back to safely revisit the experience/feelings/emotions. Although you may need a guide to help you (a healer, minister, guide, etc.)

The experience is Universal. Feelings are too powerful to process when we are young. Yet, because we shove them aside, these powerful feelings promote us into a state of disconnect. One step along the spiritual journey is to honor your emotional body and move into emotional expression.

Sri and Kira

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