001 | The Importance of Forgiveness

Client: "E"
Me: "J"

E is a young man in his late 20's. He is near the beginning of his spiritual journey - more like coming back to it - but is very much in touch with the higher realms. He finds a lot of connection through his dreams, and is very much aware. The main theme of E's session was about forgiveness. In this current life, E's relationship with his father has always been rocky, with past abuse. In the two past lives that were shown to E in his session, we found that in both lives, he experienced trauma in relationship with his father (who took on other forms). Through Quantum Healing, we were able to heal the trauma by confrontation and forgiveness. We also found out that this current life is the first time that E has incarnated as a male. He has always been females in his past lives on Earth. E is a gay man and is mostly surrounded and impacted by females in his current life.

At the end of E's second past life, he found himself on the other side with a lot of other beings there with him. 

E: There’s too many people. On the other side...
J: Who is there?
E: My past lives, I think
J: What do they look like?
E: So many different variations
J: Are they all you?
E: Yes
J: What do they have to say to you?
E: Not all of them are human. I see an Elephant in the back. So many lessons. That we’re all one. That I am everything. That we are, and all that matters is just love. And I have it in me. That I need to stop wasting my time. And also, nothing is really wasted.
J: What is it that you’re meant to be doing?
E: To express the highest, truest being of myself - when I do that, I’ll be happy. Not to care so much about what other people think. Because they are on their journey and I am on mine. Just by being yourself is helping other people be themselves. So just always be yourself. You only have one career, which is your life. I’m going to be okay, and this life is the life you’ve been waiting for.Everything’s been given to you, so make it count. Out of all the other lifetimes, (inaudible), I was born in this time and place, in this body, so don’t waste it.
J: Is there anything they’d like to show you that you need to know?
E: That my father feels bad for what he’s done, but he’ll never show it. That nothing worse that I’ve thought about him, he hasn’t thought already about himself already. That his ego is in control of him. So I have to let it go.

This is when I brought forth the Higher energy to speak to.

J: May I bring forward these higher energies to speak to me?
E: Yes
J: What was the lesson he needs to learn from his relationship with his father?
E: That all your blessings that have been waiting for you will come your way, once you truly forgive him. That’s the test. That’s the test in your lifetime. You weren’t able to forgive the other ones. This is your test in this lifetime. You must learn to forgive.
J: He has questions about his mom, will he ever fully be able to care for her?
E: Once you forgive, everything will fall into place. He needs to forgive his mother too. He thinks that she wasn’t there to protect him, but she was doing the best she can. Do not to see her as a weak person. She is just a human being, with hopes and dreams that couldn’t be realized. She is a human being just like you’re a human being. However, your hopes and dreams will be realized because of the sacrifices she has made.
J: Why did you show him these past lives?
E: To not repeat the same mistakes, and to be able to forgive. There is always hope. Even when you don’t think there is. No matter what type of person you are, no matter what vessel you’re born into. There’s always hope. There is more hope now than there ever was. Because you’re born into this time and place and this body is a man.

E's Higher Self then went on to speak a little about the New Earth. After the session, E asked me about the New Earth - he was not aware of it before going into the session, so I thought it was interesting that his Higher Self was aware of it and brought the information to the surface for E to hear.

J: What’s so special about this time and place?
E: We will become more united. We are all connected. We will become a global entity. We’re here on the next step of human evolution. There is a consciousness that is happening. We are becoming one. We are becoming one mind. We are evolving, to know what is right. What is right is always changing. We will either evolve into a species that care and caresses all living beings or we will turn into something that is self-surviving, self-serving, irresponsible for other lives. But we are evolving. Energy cannot be still. It has to always be moving. Either backwards or forwards.
J: What can we do to evolve forward into this one mind?
E: Just be you. In it’s all honesty. Not caring about what others think. Not in fear of judgement or persecution. Just you. Being you so brightly so that your light touches other people’s light. That’s the only option, to go in the right direction.
J: Does this have anything to do with the New Earth?
E: Yes.
J: What happens to those who don’t go to the New Earth?
E: They will stay here in darkness. That is part of the evolution.
J: Is E going into the New Earth?
E: Yes. He will know in time.
J: Is there anything else you would like to say about this? The New Earth or evolution?
E: No.

Sometimes the person is not ready to hear about certain things, and I have been finding with my sessions that if the person is new to their spiritual journey and doesn't fully know about the New Earth, the Higher Self will give just a little crumb about the New Earth and human evolution. When I ask about more information, the Higher Self will usually say it is not yet time for the person to know. The same thing goes for a person's purpose or any other information. If they are not in the place to receive the information, the Higher Self will say so.

E's spiritual journey really started around two years ago. He is highly connected to his dreams, and one night, he said a divine feminine "God-like" energy figure came to him in his dreams to offer him love, comfort, and security.

J: He has a connection to his dreams - what do his dreams mean?
E: He’s connected to the spirit world
J: Who is this divine feminine energy that came to him in his dream a few years ago?
E: That was an Angel. Gabriel.
J: What was the message?
E: That God loves. He had lost faith. He was in a dark place. He needed the intervention. It will lead him to his purpose
J: Is Gabriel his main angel?
E: No. He has many Angels.
J: What is his purpose?
E: I cannot say.
J: Does he have a lot of work to do?
E: Yes, only because he has a lot to offer.
J: Do you want to tell him what he has to offer?
E: He will know. In time, he will know.
J: In terms of his career, is he doing the right thing?
E: He’s lazy. Do not waste his potential. Do not take things for granted.
J: What should he do in terms of his career?
E: Create. Just create. Just create.
J: He has a 5-point star on his hand. Is this significant?
E: He’s connected to the spirit world. He can retain consciousness in the spirit world.
J: Like astral projection?
E: Yes.
J: Can he do this?
E: Yes.
J: Is he aware?
E: No.
J: How can he do this?
E: He will in time. He will when the time is right.
J: So right now, just pay attention to his dreams?
E: Pay attention. Pay attention.
J: What was the reason for showing him all his past versions of himself in that one scene?
E: (inaudible) what he feels, what he knows. And the enormity that is him, that is all of us. That we are all connected.
J: Why is he surrounded by so many females (i.e. family and friends)?
E: This is the first time he came to this planet not as a female, which is why he is surrounded by females in his current life. Cherish them. They paved the way for you. Be patient with them. He needs to learn how to be more patient. Everybody’s on their own journey. Just because you think you’re ahead doesn’t mean you are.
J: Do you have any last messages or advice you would like to give E?
E: Don’t waste any more time. Your time here is so small.

E's Higher Self went on to ask me "Do you have any questions?", so I asked if they had any last message or advice to give me. There was only silence for a long time. I could sense that there was something coming, but nothing came. Then, they simply said, "I'm leaving now."

After the session, E went on to explain that when I asked him the question regarding advice or messages for me, he was shown many things that he could not compute or put into words, so he could not say anything. He said that a name came to him, something that had "T" and "H". Later, he said that he remembered the word was "Thrones" that came to him during that time but could not identify it. He sent me a link to what he could explain he saw

I had never heard of the Thrones before, but have since learned that there are 9 levels, or "orders" of Angelic beings, with #1 being the highest order (taken from in5d)

The First Sphere — angels who serve as heavenly counselors

The Second Sphere — angels who work as heavenly governors

The Third Sphere — angels who function as heavenly messengers

“The first order in the third sphere is the thrones. They are the companion angels of the planets. At this time in your history it is important for you to be aware of the particular throne, the Earth Angel, who is guardian of your world.” — [ Lady Gaia ]

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