Everything you need to know about Past Lives

Thought you knew what past lives were about? Or maybe you didn't know much? Here's a few things that may surprise you.

These days, it's not uncommon for people to believe that they've lived past lives. The idea of having a Soul that continues on after our bodies have perished - and have possibly lived other lives over and over again - is not as crazy of an idea as it probably may have seemed just 10 years ago.

So, what are past lives, exactly? Essentially, it's reincarnation. Reincarnation can get a bad rap, because it's been tied to religion for so long. But lately, with the influx of spirituality - came also, the influx of those curious about their own past lives. People are waking up to this idea because, although they may not have exact proof, it resonates so deeply within people that they just feel some truth to it in their hearts and guts. Even more scientific brains are flirting with the idea, viewing it as a "theory" - and with many actively searching for the proof.

Most - if not all (?) - Eastern religions, Native American beliefs, and Ancient traditions and religions believe in "past lives" or "reincarnation" in one way or another. All believing that we are made up of more than just our physical bodies and that when we die, a part of us continues on. Through Quantum Physics, some physicists have found that the world we perceive is just that - a perceived world - dealing with our consciousness - a tangible (yet intangible?) realm or "matrix" as some would call it.

As a Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, I work with past lives through my clients. It's the "bread and butter" of this work. Whether you believe in past lives or not, one cannot deny that something is taking place during a session that allows the client to "connect the dots" of their current lives once they experience their "past lives". There's a shift that takes place that either confirms to the person that they really did live those past lives, or that there's some sort of higher power that just fed them information that they were very strongly attached to and affected by.

It can get a bit complicated, but here are the basics of what you need to know about past lives.


  1. Time is an illusion, so past lives don't have to be from the "past". Even physicists have argued that time does not exist, and is merely an illusion of this perceived reality. They have stated that we do not live in a linear time, but that all time - past, present, future - all exist at once. Hard to wrap your brains around that, huh? So what I mean by "past lives" not needing to be from the past, I mean that when you experience a "past life", it could be a past life, or a present life, a parallel life, future life, life on another planet...(or much more) You have access to all of it because it is all happening right now.

  2. Past lives always connect with what's going on in your life now. When you have a past life regression, the lives being shown to you are always relevant to what you are experiencing right now in your current life. Do you have a difficult relationship with someone? Your past life could show you why. Do you have a certain phobia and you don't know where it comes from? Maybe a past life will show you why you have that phobia. Maybe you have a pain in your back that just won't go away. Your past lives being shown to you may reveal why, and therefore allow you to heal, let go and move forward.

  3. You have experienced many different lifetimes with the same group of Souls. This is your Soul Group, and it consists (usually) of your direct family members, any prominent mentor or teacher you felt especially close to, any really close friendships and relationship partners, and even enemies or those who may have harmed you in a way. We are here to learn and teach each other, and that is done through good relationships, and bad ones. When you meet someone new, do you ever get that feeling like you already know them and hit it off (or not) right away? You could very well be meeting someone you've known from a past life!

  4. Traumas in past lives usually carry over into another life if it has not been resolved or worked out. If you haven't resolved something (usually traumatic) from a past life - any experience, the way you died, relationship issues, etc. - then it has most likely carried over into this life in one way or another.

  5. This is the lifetime for us to work out all our Karma from past lives so we can move forward Karma-free. This is possibly why the act of having a past life regression is so beneficial to an individual. It shows them all that "stuff" they have the opportunity to work out in this life, especially the things that have crossed over from other lives. The person may be the holding on to the feeling of jealousy or hate or anger, due to something that may have happened in a past life. The purpose is to release and let go. Through her work, Dolores Cannon gained this valuable information regarding this very lifetime and the need to work through our Karma in order to put it (and keep it) in the past.

  6. Many aches and pains in the body are associated with past life trauma, or holding on to those feelings from past life experiences. They may have been directly from a past life, or they may have manifested due to the energy of that karma being present again in their current life.

  7. Being incarnated into a body is one of the fastest ways for a soul to advance. Being on Earth, however, soul's got trapped into the Karmic wheel. Because Earth is a big learning experience and "classroom", soul's had to keep coming back over and over again until they learned their lessons and could advance.

  8. Everything has energy, so it's possible to be anything in a past life. Incarnating is a way for a soul to advance and gain experience, so a soul's goal is usually to be and experience as many things as possible. It's possible to be a rock or tree, inanimate object, male, female, animal, every religious background, every cultural background, different environments, different planets, etc.

  9. It's possible to visit ancestral lives. The connection between DNA, the ancestral line and memories have been scientifically studied, researched and theorized. The DNA has the ability to store memory and possibly access it during meditation, regression, etc. During a past life regression, it's possible to go to ancestral lives if it means finding the answers you are seeking.

  10. Your Spirit Guides or Guides on the other side are usually other aspects of yourself. I've had Spirit Guides of clients be beings living in other dimensions (which are "higher" aspects of them), or a wiser version of themselves that they visited in a past life, like a Native American elder. By advancing your current life, you are also advancing all of your lives being lived at this exact moment (see #1).