Welcome, friend

Welcome to this space! I am so thankful you are here, and you found yourself here for a reason! I call this little corner of the Internet the Intuitive Collective. All the answers lie within you and you have an amazing team of guides, angels, and other spirit members around you to assist you. One of the best ways to get in touch with your Higher Self is through your very own intuition. Your intuition is SO important and I'm a huge advocate for trusting that gut and heart feeling, that is often ignored by so many people! By cultivating, trusting, and honing into your own intuition, you can walk collectively with your guides and Higher Self to better navigate this physical world where we are at. When you do this, fear subsides. When you do this, your purpose becomes clearer. When you do this, everything begins to fall into place and you come to a better point of understanding why you are here and what you are meant to be doing. Intuition plays a huge role in your own self-healing and self-purpose. Amazing, right?

Here, I offer my services of Quantum Healing Hypnosis. This gets you in better touch with your Higher Self, by accessing it during your session! You are also guided to and through "past lives" to get a better sense of who you are, why you are here, why you may be going through certain situations within your relationships, why you are struggling with physical ailments, what is your purpose and lessons to learn, and more! To learn more about Quantum Healing Hypnosis, visit my About QHHT page and/or QHHT FAQ page.

Wow. So here I am at the near-beginning of my healing and wellness service to others journey. The moment I made the intention to begin this path, things started happening FAST. I have clients booked every weekend for the next couple of months, and I am so thankful and honored to do this work. You know you have found some kind of purpose when you are excited to wake up in the morning to do your work! It has been a long journey of my own personal spiritual path but at the same time, it almost feels as if it has only just begun.

For this blog space, I plan on sharing significant messages that come from my client sessions. We are all here together and connected, and it is so helpful to experience what others have experienced in order to understand and connect better. QHHT is amazing and powerful work and so many messages, lessons, and experiences come through that we can all benefit from. The information is pulled not only from the individual's Higher Self, but from a higher consciousness, a collective consciousness. Because we are all connected, we all have access to it. And when we listen, read, and are open to the messages and information, we are receiving the same energies the the individual in the session has experienced.

With love and Namaste.