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Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis refers to a modified version of the original Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Each practitioner applies their own unique technique that goes above and beyond the original QHHT technique. Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis also includes long-distance online sessions.

I apply Beyond Quantum Healing to in-person sessions if needed on a case-by-case basis, depending on what arises in a session. This includes: long-distance online sessions, the healing energy of Ho'oponopono (forgiveness in Hawaiian), Hawaiian healing energy (Mana), ancestral/lineage integration work, DNA activation, Sound Healing, Reiki, and Entity/Attachment Removal.

By incorporating these other modalities, we work with the Higher Self, Spirit Team, Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, and/or Higher Dimensional Beings to release old thought patterns (past and lineage) bringing all aspects of the Self into alignment to restore and cultivate healing and inner peace within the Self, lineage, and connection to Universal Consciousness.

Read more about Hawaiian Healing Energy (mana) below.

Online Sessions

Online sessions are available and considered Beyond Quantum Healing due to the online modality. Online sessions are conducted via Zoom (app available to download for free). A strong internet connection and quality headset are required.

Online sessions go through a similar format as QHHT. We connect to the Higher Self to visit "past" or relevant other lifetimes that may still be affecting you today. We also bring in Spirit Guides, the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and Higher Dimensional Beings that would like to offer assistance, healing, guidance and answers.

You will come to your session with questions that you would like answered, just like a QHHT session. We will have a conversation beforehand to discuss your questions and for me to learn more about you and why you are wanting a session. We will then proceed with the online hypnosis session that may last ~2 hours.

Online sessions are just as successful as in-person sessions. Prior to your online session, I work to connect to your energy and Spirit Team. When we meet together online, we work in the Quantum field where we go above and beyond the traditional time and space limitations.

Hawaiian Healing Energy (Mana)

Mana is the spiritual energy, life-force energy, healing power that exists in and around everything, and one that the ancient Hawaiian natives held as sacred. 

Jessica integrates mana energy into her Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions through her Native Hawaiian lineage, roots and connection to ancient Hawaii and Polynesia (which is also connected to the ancient civilization and continent of LeMUria).

Hawaii is the Heart Center and Chakra of the planet. Through her connection to this portal of energy, Jessica holds the heart space to allow you to open your own Heart Center and Ascended Heart Presence, as well as integrate ancient mana from your ancestors into your own aspect and consciousness. 

We begin by working with the  (the spirit of breath) to call forth your own personal mana and deepen your connection to your ancestors, Spirit Team, and Angelic Realm in order to strengthen your connection to your Spirit and further unfold your journey and realizations with clarity and purpose.

Through this integrated Hawaiian Healing work, you bring forth aloha (love), alo (presence),
lōkahi (unity), ho'oponopono (to correct and forgive), huikala (to cleanse, absolve and forgive), and,
kupu (growth) to align and balance your body, mind and spirit in harmony (pono) with your natural state of being and Ke Akua (Source/Universe/God/Creator).

How does a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis session work?

We will conduct a past life regression and connection with your Higher Self. The first part (~1 hour) is dedicated to an interview and conversation process with you where I get to know you, why you are seeking a session, and review of your questions. The second part (~2 hours) is dedicated to the actual Hypnosis session, where we will visit appropriate "past lives" and connect with the Subconscious, or Higher Self, Spirit Team and/or Angelic Realm to answer your questions.

It is possible for a person to experience past lives, future lives, parallel lives, simultaneous lives, ancestral lives, or even lives in other dimensions, planets and star systems! They may even find themselves on the Spirit side or Akashic Records. Your Higher Self always chooses which "lives" and "messages" to show that are most relevant to the individual and where they are at the time of the session.

Keep in mind that having a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis session is not like having anesthesia. You will likely be aware of your experience as it is happening and likely to remember much — if not all — of it when it is over. However, your "consciousness" and awareness in the hypnosis is at a much deeper level. People sometimes think that it was all a "dream" or that they were "making it up" — but it's important to trust in the information that is provided to you during your session.

As soon as you schedule a session, your Higher Self is working to prepare you for it. Whether you realize it or not, you are connected to your Higher Self all day everyday. When you are in your hypnosis session, you open that channel and are receiving the connection and information that your Higher Self wants to show you in order for you to be able to move into the greater aspect of who you truly are. Here you will find your answers.

The power of the Higher Self or Subconscious — What is it exactly?

In the following videos, Dolores Cannon speaks about the Higher energies we work with, the Subconscious or Higher Self:


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